Unexpected Source of Inspiration

I do not like to write or talk much about myself (true introvert) but I need to share this with you. It’s about this weekend. Before it, I was really tired of life. Beeing spread thin for quite a while with all what I love to do, took all my energy: my consulting work, volunteering for my beloved ISACA,  creative urge (or curse?) that brought me to my another job – L2Studio and even my newest project “Klub rozvoja kreativity” (Club for Creativity Rise) that suppose to bring more happiness from creative activities to all of us. What helps me everytime is Nature  – I mean stay outside in the nature. That’s how my wildlifephotography began (see So even this time when I was to join my love to his “another great photographic idea” – to join macrophoto workshop with Pavel Krásenský I was just too tired even think about it. I thought – OK staying outside will do me good. But the result was striking and great! Pavel is great in what he does, combining photo mastership ( with excellent knowledge about his objects – insects ( and suddenly, I found myself hooked. I will never look to insect like before anymore. Why I am writing about it here: well, try new things, new approaches and you will find inspiration for creative activities at unexpected places. I love what I have find out about insects and of course, most I love all those shiny colours! Great inspiration for beading, weaving or any other creative stuff.

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